Dear Gourmet,


Thank you for partaking of the Food Lovers Gourmet City menu, I hope you enjoyed your dining experience.


This experiential platform has been conceptualised and executed by Food Lovers magazine in an endeavor to showcase signature dishes across Bangalore's finest restaurants.


We would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes to share feedback on your dining experience at a specific restaurant. Your invaluable inputs will assist in the evaluation of the Food Lovers Gourmet City experience at each participating restaurant.

Restaurants will be conferred with bespoke 'Silver Cover Commendations' at the close of Food Lovers Gourmet City, and this is your opportunity to be a part of the jury process.


To make it worth your time, we're giving away spectacular dining experiences along with an annual subscription to Food Lovers magazine and the Food Lovers' Gourmet Guide to 100 lucky winners.


Thank you once again. I do hope you have the opportunity to visit the other restaurants participating in Food Lovers Gourmet City.







Kripal Amanna

Publisher & Managing Editor,

Food Lovers Magazine

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