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We are Hospitality Initiatives India Pvt. Ltd., a Bangalore (India) based organisation that specialises in niche media; food, travel, hospitality and lifestyle-related properties and events; and community networks.


Food Lovers Magazine

Food Lovers magazine is India’s first urban-centric publication dedicated to the celebration of food and drink in its many myriad forms.

There are many aspects that define a city. Our favourite is food – meals that people eat in the privacy of their homes, dishes made from elaborate recipes that have been handed down through generations, or simply from handy ingredients found at the local convenience store. All of this comes together to form a bright culinary canvas. Food Loversmagazine is a carnival of just that!

Restaurant reviews, recipes, in-season specials, markets, chef stories, gourmet travel, food and wine, cocktails and spirit, real world experiences — expect to find all of this and more in each issue of Food Lovers! Subscribe to Food Lovers today.



Food Lovers Club

Food Lovers Club is born out of our vision to transcend the pages of the magazine, and create real-world experiences in the arena of food, wine and spirits and gastronomy for consumers to savour. Our current endeavour is to weave together a dynamic community of consumers in the Food, Travel and Lifestyle space.

Since its inception in 2007, Food Lovers has staged over 200 experiences. (read more...)


Food Lovers Club Privilege Card

The Food Lovers Club Privilege Card is an exclusive membership-based platform for food lovers in Bangalore to savour and partake of unparalleled privileges and experiences across the spectrum of restaurants, bars and gourmet establishments the city has to offer. (read more...)


Our mission is to build and sustain an interactive platform for passionate consumers and great brands within the Food, Travel and Lifestyle space.





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Managing Director, Publisher & Editor


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